Imelda Marcos – Tatlo

Already Dead
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Many good things come in pairs. Imelda Marcos, a drum and guitar two-piece, is a great one. Billing themselves as a noise-rock band, this duo brings a myriad of sounds and shapes to bear on ‘Tatlo,’ their latest record. While the first track is an overall uncharacteristic tone poem of sorts, the music soon settles into a series of angular, wonderfully rhythmic pieces that explode over and over again like an internal combustion engine that is running ever so rich.

‘Tatlo’ marks Imelda Marcos’ first release with Already Dead, and their third studio record overall. With the glut of sound being created by a guitar and drum kit, it is often a wonder that some of these textures are being coerced from such humble places.  Even as the sounds of this record are wild, they are hyper-focused beyond reasonable belief.

Through the majority of these tracks, the guitar roars, bursts, screams, and trills in a hundred unknowable voices, while the drums pound on relentlessly, carrying the only world we could ever remember knowing closer and closer to oblivion. Yet even as we march towards nothingness, the absoluteness of these rhythmic, instrumental incantations lend some level of relatable comfort.

In even turn, Imelda Marcos brings out micron-thin, ultra-precise cutting tools and take them to their own sonic tapestries, cutting with perfect exactness as they fabricate every shred and tear, engineer every tatter and snag, and produce a work of sonic artistry, the caliber of which has only appeared sporadically throughout human history, and often only on frozen moonless nights. These are works for being up too late, or waking up too early, in a cosmic sense.