Old Time Relijun – See Now And Know


K Records

“I am a Spellcaster, master of Incantations.”

Thus it is spake on the fourth track of Old Time Relijun’s latest work, and as ‘See Now and Know’ unfolds there is left little doubt of the validity of that statement. This EP goes by quick at just under 23 minutes, and it takes perfect advantage of that time to lay down a treatise on an older idea of what humanity could be, if only we could conjure it forth.

The first five tunes are centered around an ever-moving core of fat, slippery bass lines and bombastically primitive drums that serve to drive the music forward in a way that feels perfectly stable and ready to collapse in on itself simultaneously. Sprinkled in are saxophones, bass clarinets, keyboards, guitars and other less-familiar sounds, accenting points that are never made and referencing things that are never known.

Atop the writhing mass of sorcerous sound perches the vocals; half-sung half-chanted half-shouted invocations that leap about with significant weight, like a jetliner that’s too heavy to fly but does anyway. The words are words of Power that tell the story of existence while inviting it to end, only so it can begin again.

Danau Lindu’ brings us to an instrumental break from the unceasing movement of the first 5 tracks. It is a thoughtful and meditative tune that gives a reprieve from the unstopping movement of what came before. The respite lasts but a moment, however, before ‘In This World‘ plays the finale. At least until you start the record over again.

At times this record feels like a nod to every *-splotation soundtrack ever, if those soundtracks were ancient scrolls in dead languages being interpreted by wizard-priests from from the future. ‘See Now and Know’ pulls no punches as it ushers us forcefully in every direction at once.