Last Gasp Collective – Agape

Last Gasp

Kalamazoo Soul

Last Gasp Collective is a fluid musical outfit of Kalamazoo musicians centered around the creative drive of Jay Jackson. Agape is their second and latest release. It was produced almost completely in Jackson’s home recording studio, and features crisp and clean production for a home-engineering endeavor – surely a product of extreme attention-to-detail and a great deal of skill. This record sounds polished, modern, and lively.

The musicans in Last Gasp Collective center around a core of bass/drums/guitar/keyboards, with a who’s who of Kalamazoo players complimenting various tracks by lending cello, saxophone lines, as well as additional guitars and vocals. The music moves in style from modern and smooth R&B to subtle funk tracks, but it never fails to just feel good. Vocal harmonies, solo leads and rap verses all play prominent parts on this record, and all are delivered to excellent effect on each track, always complimentary and never distracting.

The pacing and structure of this record is wonderful, and is just as easy to listen to and love actively as it is to run in the backrground and nod your head to while you work on writing your master’s thesis, out-of-office group work email, or record review.