Jeremy Ruggles – The Pyramid is Circular

Already Dead Tapes & Records

Kalamazoo Psychadelia

Jeremy Ruggles has been writing songs since he was but a boy playing in rock bands with his friends. He has been recording these songs for the past six years, and finally they have been released to the world. The chosen vessel for delivery: a cassette published by Already Dead Tapes & Records.

These songs are dark. These songs are bleak. They are hopeless at times, and apologetic other times, all the while holding all of humanity accountable for the crimes it has committed against not just the planet it inhabits, but against itself.

Stylistically this album leaps from ’80s-eque power ballads to faux-swing tunes to rock and roll tours-de-force. The production is crisp and clear and crazy at times. Effected vocals and wild synthesizers are part and parcel of the experience, which is an exercise in understanding that, as Jeremy puts it, ‘. . . It’s hard to care, it’s a surplus affair. They sell bullets everywhere.’