Forget the Times – Plays Out

Already Dead Tapes & Records

Kalamazoo Experimental

Somewhere hidden deep within the sounds on this record are references to genres like free-jazz, noise-rock, drone, and sludge or stoner metal.

Forget the Times ‘Plays Out’ is like intense edging session. They present you with walls of sound, vomiting this build that tries and tries to resolve itself yet, conflicted by self-awareness and the bleakness of reality, it never quite gets there.

This record is unsettling and complicated. Like eating a vanilla ice cream cone under suicide watch.

Like any good album, though, and much like literature, the story may be macabre but what matters is that you turn to the next page. I can tell you this album might turn you on to edging. You get off on waiting for something that you just can’t have.

I imagine this album is about praying to an ambivalent God. I imagine it’s about trashing your room looking for a baggie of the drugs that are ruining your life. As a listener, you can visit this territory with Forget the Times, thankfully without actually being there.

There is a type of mastery to what seems random, sporadic on this album. If the drummer hits the side of the snare on accident it adds to the story. If the guitar plucks a note that is out of tune, the plot thickens. The artistry is in the method.

Don’t cry when the music goes away. Don’t yell when it comes back. You can float in a bubble through this cacophony and come out whole on the other end.

A good one for perspective, and meditation.

– JK