Kal Marks – Life is Alright, Everybody Dies

Exploding In Sound, Midnight Wearwolf

Heavy Boston Angst

Kal Marks are from Boston, MA. Life is Alright, Everybody Dies is the 6th release listed on their bandcamp, which is where I listened to this album.

I actually saw Kal Marks at Louie’s Trophy House in Kalamazoo, MI. I really liked listening to them live so I thought I would cover them first, here.

Kal, if I can call them that, self-described as heavy, and rightly so, are meant to be listened to loudly. If you start the album at a low volume, you will soon realize your mistake. Their instruments scream at you throughout and the singer drives along, crying into the loudness.

This album carries a lot of angst with it. It a misanthropic love letter to nihilism.

They are all fresh songs. It’s not as if Kal Marks is rehashing. reinventing, or overdoing some old trope. It is a unique take on the loud, droning, sometimes caustic genre of “Heavy Rock & Roll”, fit well with plodding and sincere vocals.

This album is like the really pissed off sadness that you enjoy. Also, it has a great title.

– JK